82 years of excellence

Our family business was established in 1936 by Mr. Jafferbhoy Meheralli who started exporting leather to Italy, Switzerland and parts of Europe.

We believe in change and progress.
Therefore, as the world market evolved, the company’s core business also evolved from exporting finished leather to the manufacture and export of leather and suede garments and accessories.

At present we employ 200 workers and our production capacity is approximately 40,000 jackets per annum.

Seventy Five years of uninterrupted work in the Leather trade has now placed the company among the leaders in the leather industry.
We believe that passion fuels desire.
we are stronger because our foundation is built with the strength of the human spirit. We have come a long way since 1936 when we started making leather jackets for our clients. Our size may have changed, but one underlying idea has stayed the same –

“The customer is at the centre of everything we do"

We know our leather


We own our tanneries.
Which gives our customers the guarantee of assurance that the final product is made of only the finest hides and that the best tanning process has been used.

From exquisite leather to quality fabric lining, the main focus at Jafferbhoy Meheralli is to produce great quality products consistently.

Our state of the art technology enables us to produce high quality clothing like leather jackets, pants, skirts, coats for men, women and kids.

Our Leather

Our Tannery works with the latest machines and technology to prodice the finest quality of sheep, lamb, and goat leather.

Qualified tanners supervise the process for standardized processing and quality control till pulling.

A separate quality control department is responsible for visual inspection and grading of every single piece manufactured according to the prescribed selection criteria.

Naked Leather

Our most popular quality of leather has a super soft hand feel. A garment made from our naked leather is a style statement. These leather are kept as natural as possible using the least amount of pigments.

Aniline Leather

Our Aniline leather is dyed exclusively with soluble dyes. These skins are lightly finished with a selection of waxes and oils that preserve and enhance the natural character of the leather.

Semi Aniline Leather

These skins are lightly finished to create leather with great colors pallets and feel. These leather are both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Patent Leather

This high gloss leather cores in a range of finishes is crinkled patent metallic patent and super soft patent idea for high fashion garments.


Our goat suede is soft and supple and perfect for jackets, dresses. Our skins can be dyed to any color to fit into color scheme of the season.

Our Market

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